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    • Welcome to Cabal23 Networks. This is my network, including home, remote and work computers. Basically this is just a site for my network foo, any geek projects I have, and whatever else I feel like having here instead of on or Shub-Internet .

      Currently, my home network is powered by a Time Warner cable connection. Behold, the power of Broadband. This plugs into a Netgear router and from there to my machines. Nothing fancy, but it works.

      On the remote end, my sites are hosted on a server owned by I'm one of the three admins on the box, so I get to have fun. I also have access to a Ubuntu 15.04 server that I use for experiments and for file hosting (it sits on a bit bigger of a backbone than the other server). I also have access to other servers at work, but I only use them for work foo, so they're not listed.

      I've been dipping my toe into the 'cloud', with a small instance on AWS. It's pretty much like any other hosting enviroment. Will I move to a pure cloud, probably not. But it makes for cheap hosting, and experience on the ol' resume.